If You Came To Nevada (My State), Where Would You Have To Visit?

This post is for Challenge #3 for the Student Blogging Challenge.

If you come to Nevada, you have to sight see the Hoover Dam! I was scared when I first saw the Hoover Dam but when i saw how big it was and the large body of they had, I was having a great time. I hope I can see it again some day.

Another sight you should see in Nevada is Lake Mead. I went to Lake Mead for a class field trip and I had a blast. The rocks there went though years of erosion and you can see all the different colors too. The water there isn’t all that clean but it cool to look at. You can also ride a boat on Lake Mead since it’s so huge. Actually, Lake Mead and The Hoover Dam is really close to each other so you can see them at the same time. LAME_Lake-Mead_1hooverdammainnew